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Dixie D'Amelio

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    I'M BACK!!!! The Early Late Night Show returns bigger and better than ever!! I'm so excited to air this second season of my talk show. It's all because of you that the Dixie D'Amelio Show evolved into this. We have some awesome episodes and amazing guests this season I cannot wait for you to see! Every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!
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    1. Dixie D'Amelio

      i can't wait for you all to see this season!

      1. Rina Bachrad

        LOVE YOU!

      2. Djdjfjf Jffjffj

        2 dixie 😨😨

      3. Djdjfjf Jffjffj

        2 dixie 😨😨😨

      4. gloria


      5. gloria


    2. le-mao

      show where she interviews her co-tiktoker

    3. Gemelas Rodriguez

      Dixie playing Dixie and talking about his own

    4. Lana Khalid A Barabea

      I’m confused

    5. Astxrism

      I was like "Huh? what? since when did Dixie have a twin or am i just trippin?" 😂😂😂

    6. Amy Ness

      Which is you

    7. Makayla Joy

      Nobody: Charli at 4:48: "thanks, I know".

    8. J.F.B NATION

      Get LIL TJAY on here

    9. Eleana Christodoulou


    10. Marlyne Cobbeni2

      Hi dixie it will mean a lot to me if you sand a hi

    11. Naïma Gaouar

      2 dixie??????!!! 🙂🙂

    12. alouxia Builds

      now tell meee WHOS THE REAL DIXIE?

    13. Anwesha Mukherjee

      Me still wondering how is there a dixie twin on the screen.....

    14. Floats

      I don’t understand it. She got twins. 😏

    15. Harlow Daniels

      Do you do concerts

    16. Alice Teobaldo

      Vocês estão cheias

    17. Zoe Bonney

      How is there two dixies

    18. chloé salfati

      Do you think Billie would be ok to come on your show ?? It would be sooooooo greaaat !!!!!!

    19. Yanelsi Nunez

      bro lol dixie u are so cute its you 2 times

    20. Jana Mohammed

      Not her complimenting herself 😌✋

    21. Khushpreet kaur Vilkhu

      Many people like lily singh work for the position that you are on for years, and you are just trying to make a space in the industry even though you just don’t deserve this...like are all the people blind, not to see this....I feel bad for you all. They are just the new Gen Z kardashians except that these girls literally don’t do anything, and instead of getting rid of these girls, you people are making them grow...like Oh my goddd

    22. Sarafina Bowen

      The vogue video reaction 🤣🤣🤣

    23. jackyreid@gmail.com Natalie1

      who the hell is that i freaking out

    24. Abigail Cox

      Wait which one is Dixie are they both they look like the same person

    25. Pito Acevedo

      Did she just interview herself

    26. Felipe Chala

      Omg hahahshs i looooove it

    27. CozyCoffee

      Charli: SoMeTiMeS i DoNt WaNnA bE hApPy!! Dixie: That was really good. Shows Charli: Thank you .

    28. Ary !

      4:48 charli lol i knew it xD


      1st season was better im sorry

    30. Ally Middleton

      Can we not ignore the fact that the Dixie in the black is charli

    31. PuffyFluffGirl9 Queen

      Was that Charli in the white suite?

    32. Sahar Naik

      Charli looks really good in the white outfit 😂

    33. Aahil Makhani

      Am I the only one who sees the me at 1 am pretending I’m a celebrity meme?

    34. kachina skye


    35. C Culp

      Poor jimmy fallon lmao.

    36. Martine Ngoya

      I love u

    37. Kelsea Danica

      I love this.

    38. Roman Henry


    39. Alana Berrios

      Thanks I now 🙄💅🏻

    40. AAO Tube

      This is me daydreaming when no one's watching!

    41. Lucy Kap

      "finally"?! MISS GIRL, A YEAR AGO NO ONE KNOWS YOU😭🖐🏼

    42. Torin Edwards

      How is there two Dixie‘s

    43. Tyler Smith

      Your so funny!🤣🤣🤣

    44. Dynasty Diva Derriana TV


    45. Dynasty Diva Derriana TV

      SOO TURE 3:40

    46. G j

      just 4:48 , 11:34 🤣🧡

    47. Valley A.C

      If people actually watch this...plz tell me no one is watching it😐

    48. Alje Pins

      4:42 iconic JAJAJAJAJA

    49. Em Dawg

      Kill the laugh track please

    50. Indigobaby

      she is such a Leo lmfaoooo

    51. seeni gzty

      After Dixie said “ Charli well a brat like always “ charli point the middle finger

    52. Cd x2chill

      September 25 is my birthday

    53. Sara Waleed

      I feel like this video is clever its just like q&a i actually like it and want her to complete this show!! And by the wasy i like the background alot it so colorfull!

    54. Melanie Cardenas

      LMFAOOO why is this actually entertaining 😭

    55. Axilla

      When Charli popped up I was like 🤭 11:32

    56. XxxMxxX BG


    57. moran_toca_life1

      Hi Dixie mi follow pls🥺

    58. Brooke Owens sing krew

      i saw charli

    59. ريما

      اعشقكك 💔):

    60. mal-la-boo World

      The paparazzi people question

    61. Nylah Collington

      How did you get 2 of your self

    62. lisbeth


    63. Farida elfakharany

      charli pops up faster than dixie can say be happy lol

      1. The Jaydee Fam

        Omg 😳

    64. Ikran Mahamed

      omg she changed her self to Charli D Amelio

    65. Ryan Anderson

      If she is I’m REALLY REALLY shy around family and other people too 🤣😁

    66. Ryan Anderson

      I think your sister is shy

    67. Nikolas Mouchlidis

      I love you so so much you are my idol 💓💓

    68. Snowy Beks

      Well Done Dix 💜

    69. Snowy Beks

      This is so cool!!

    70. ceerw buty

      Is it just me or is dixie talking about noah the cutest thing ever?😂😅

      1. The Jaydee Fam


    71. Tony Bakkar

      I just love how she interviews herself 👑 queen

      1. Tony Bakkar

        I know 👑

      2. The Jaydee Fam

        SHE IS A QUEEN👑💁‍♀️

    72. S B


    73. Braunson Kelly

      Charli at 4:47 made me happy and laugh she's like "Thank you I know" 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣🥰🤣🥰😅😂😂

      1. The Jaydee Fam

        Aww omg that made my heart happy!💓🥰

    74. Esther Kaiman

      The Charlie finger did it for me

    75. TheGreenFrogs x


    76. Truthjohn smythe

      Hi dixie I love the new show

    77. Yolo Lol

      Wait are you sisters with Charlie

    78. Lana Aljabri

      What the heck But How

    79. Adriana Gaspar

      Not charli omg

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      So charli is playing the other dixie

    81. lxvelylily

      just me who saw char after dix sang orr

    82. Miya Chinen

      Are my eyes deceiving me or do I see two-?

    83. Genesis Kornegay

      I bet that Noah paid her to say that about her.

    84. シ pengali シ

      kinda cringe tho ngl lol.

    85. Adison Coffey


    86. Sophia Fernandez

      Dixie, I'm DEAD 😂 You're hilarious

    87. K Jayanth

      Nice video keep it up make more related videos

    88. Carolina Moutella

      its actually so good

    89. Sahara Byrne

      WAIT... is the other Dixie Charli??

      1. Haley Hayes


    90. Calvin Lapsys

      She really thinks she's all that


      charli was acting like dixie thats cool


      wait what two dixies

    93. David


    94. Emma Q

      What qualifications does she have to be a host ? Being pretty and that’s it ?

    95. Chloé LeBel

      Here we go again about Griffin like come on Dixie ily but move on from his name and relationship... Noah is so much better caring than him.

    96. lilly strong

      OMG congrats! SO happy for you def. will be listening

    97. Nageena Eidi

      Wait is she acc trying to have a talk show now?

    98. Natalie

      The set is so cool and pretty 💗🔥

    99. Kelvin Tan

      Dixie interviewing herself🤣

    100. Ailsa Ni

      This is the most Covid friendly video I've seen this year

      1. iiLuhKylieii

        This is the most stolen comment i've seen this year

      2. Rosee Pretter

        Same lmao