The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Trippie Redd

Dixie D'Amelio

5 млн көрүүлөр1 213

    Hey guys! This week on the Early Late Show, Trippie Redd!
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    1. Dixie D'Amelio

      Thanks so much for watching!! Who should I have on next??

      1. common uncommon

        Lil durk

      2. Anthony Davis

        @yxng zuzi king

      3. Aboi Keishing

        Start with your level don't try try to catch too big

      4. ii_Chris_bxbyyy •


      5. Lonelyforever10

        @ii_Chris_bxbyyy • pop smoke died

    2. ashton Branch

      nah trippie trying not to say he a blood that my nigga right there

    3. Stax YT

      Dixie lookin scrim diddly

    4. Bond

      Charli just woke up

    5. killa_Tyty 13

      the street sigh was 14 im dieing with laugher

    6. Tha Monkey Man

      Big 14 wtf goin on

    7. AlldayX10 clan

      Who else saw the Insta story from Rhino

    8. AlldayX10 clan

      4:50😂 so your telling me you didn’t request the label to take down the album cover to pegusus becuase people were making fun of it🤣😂Yeah ok trippie👌🏾

    9. Lil Coochie Vert

      Most of us here for redd

    10. Lil Coochie Vert

      0:02 he was like "aight I'm done wit this bitch"

    11. Dreighton Cayce

      _/﹋\_ ( -_・) ▄︻̷̿┻̿═ 🏫 ( -_・)ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏👩‍🏫🎒 Tell me when to shoot bois

    12. Mia L

      Love Dixie but she just seems so uninterested lol

    13. Mateo Dasilva

      manz is absolutely zooted

    14. jeffy jeffy

      Don't think you have been able to find anything that would help us out with this as we discussed with the

    15. David Kinney

      Things Trippie Redd lied about. 1. His name is Redd is because he is a blood. 2. He was late for the show because he was probably with the gang. Other stuff he did that was so un-Trippie Redd-ish 1. Mans didn't wear any chains, or if he did you can't see them. I got to give it to him for keeping it PG and not showing off anything.

    16. Yonce

      i know trippie dose not liike tik tok and is trying so hard to not to like cause dixie

    17. NCS - ALFRED

      either night lovell or lil uzi should be on this show

    18. Deacon Flowers

      Instead of making bars, trippie is hanging out with TikTok kids

    19. NxvxrLet1

      "Smoking wood in the woods on a wood" Trippie 2020

    20. Tadeas Nerad

      Please Post Malone next🙏

    21. Cruz

      Noo Trippiee Nooooo maan


      Rip juicewrld



    24. Faze

      charlie has a crush on trippie

    25. Will Perlman

      this interview was dope af

    26. melekey

      Their so ugly 😂

    27. Isaiah Jones

      Trippie aint blood he a false claiming nigga

    28. Shark Productions

      Bruh charli d'amelio made a tik tok with trippie redd song tampaga like a month ago why she acting like she dont know the man

    29. Nawaansav 107


    30. Clutch Reacts

      when she ask about dream song if he had something about juice wrld i woulda probably cried god i miss juice and ik trippie does to and all i can say is ill he shouting 999 and 1400 gang FL

    31. Clutch Reacts

      Is the thumbnail the happiest he gets lol cause ion wanna watch some wack shit trippie doesnt even care about and she jus payed alot for lmaooo

    32. Official Caite

      this “interview “ is very uncomfortable and cringe 😭

    33. Mauricio Prado Melgarejo

      i love you Dixie D'Amelio

    34. James Mburu

      I hate this talentless family

    35. AQTK Lucid

      damn trippie redd gained some WEIGHT

    36. David Myers

      fat 14 hit a new low smh😪

    37. Mark McGrath’s toe Cancer

      Bro trippie does not wanna be there at all no hate it’s just very apparent

    38. 燐ちゃんO P P R Ø R E R

      What is a blood, like ya’ll are talking about?

    39. Crypto DUDE


    40. Miranda Chester

      Minnesota gang ;)

    41. David Eduardo V

      wtf is this jajajajajajajja

    42. Jayy King

      If you guys get future/PLUTO on here. You’ll be trending until the world ends 😭

    43. uoy no sekoj Braa


    44. Beniamin Q

      tell me she doesn't look like Lana Rhoades

    45. S G


    46. BLZRDD

      God he looks BAD..

    47. Jemima Donut Otubanjo

      The way Charli is hi who r u

    48. Boubacar Diallo

      My brother thinks you are ugly but you are not

    49. We got the whole world

      He look so ugly

    50. Josh Sanders

      Big 14!!! and you should have the kid lorai

    51. Bara Keymen

      Omg it is 2160p

    52. Melanin Mari

      Look at Orlando brown man

    53. Aep Saepullah

      0:03 look at his face

    54. Aboi Keishing

      He doesn't write he goes to studio and repeat the words again and again unlike lil Wayne..never heard of him free styling..bullshit

    55. calitix theexplorer

      Trippie looks like a cross between a generic rapper and Greta Thunberg.

      1. Do Nathan

        wow lol

    56. stick it to the Man

      This man is so talented

    57. icup cns

      Who's your dream collaboration? Trippie thinking about that song with drake.

    58. Neillsen

      who here just for trippie

    59. LeGoat James

      Why tf is this even a thing lmaoo wth

    60. Kennedy Calhoun

      *charli acts like they dont know eachother after they smoked last week*😂😂😂😂

    61. natalie acosta

      how is charli gonna say who are you but a long time ago when poles came out she was singing to it with dixie 😏

    62. Tanner carlson

      Minnesota gang

    63. tiktok gurll

      Charli;Walks downsairs Also Charli:Hello who are you Dixie:StOoOPp

    64. Will

      my gramma favorite colour is red 😂😂. I know he can't say he a blood but lol

    65. Gordon Ramsay

      If Dixie talked about Juice WRLD this episode won’t be PG-13

    66. Naldo Skies Vevo


    67. Rye

      Trippie red is lying out of his ass

    68. ANTONII

      I love the inspiration

    69. Anastasia Mendez

      Yo Dixie, I think he was low key asking for a collab 10:59 😮. I think you should go for it ❤💕


      This was better than I thought it'd be 😳👏

    71. cybercorpman E

      First Jake Paul, now her, smh

    72. Lil Succi

      Trippie did a song with drake so why ain’t he just say that

    73. Glen Dunbar

      ight i'm sorry, but it look like trippin don't wanna be there💯


      “Hi, nice to meet you! Who are you?” “Hi nice to meet you I’m trip” “Oh, cool”

    75. Michelle Preetchand

      She's trying to act col Infront of him

    76. Chris Jones

      “Number 14 is an angelic number”😂😂😂

    77. Playzz Yt

      Dixie be bitting her lips when she looks at trippie

    78. Playzz Yt

      Dixie is flat

    79. Steezy

      David dobrik next imagine

    80. soulja boy

      minnesota YUPP

    81. V6NS Games - Roblox


    82. red panda 31


    83. Sara Alshaikh

      He seems high af 😂

    84. G-robo

      her voice deep af

    85. gachaducky

      Smoke a wood in the woods on sum wood. Message approved by trippie red

    86. Kelly Alldis

      You should have cardi b pwease dixie

    87. Kelly Alldis

      Charlie did not even no who trippy red is in the video

    88. Kathleen Reilly

      Dixie Demilio trippy read

    89. Jackso Alena

      charli be zooming in the background

    90. Conner Bradley

      Charli hit him with the "oh" ok

    91. Tankster _YT

      whoa whoa whoa WHERE UR MASKSSSS

    92. B3 Landing

      Bros really trying to keep it PG 😂

    93. Kuriyama Mirai

      666 mil whoaa

    94. Matthew Aguirre

      Girl: says literally anything Trippie: on god

    95. Khawlah Alnaimi

      She is living the hall time I am mad👿👿😡😠😤😒

    96. Khawlah Alnaimi

      I hate Dixie👿😤😠

    97. Jersey Devil Myco

      Was gonna subscribe but it's at 6.66m and I don't wanna kill that vibe

    98. Jacob Bastidas

      imagine walking downstairs and you see a whole blood talking to your sister

      1. Jary


    99. w m

      dis bish really didnt know trippie

      1. Casual_DropoutYT

        She gotta be capping

    100. Nathan

      Charlie really said “who are you” to trippie... ignorant af

      1. ashleyy

        babe it was a joke. you could clearly have seen that it was a joke maybe idk when they laughed?

      2. pri

        It was a joke...